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VIRTUAL TALK: Astronomy in Ancient Egypt (Mapping the Stars)

VIRTUAL TALK: Astronomy in Ancient Egypt (Mapping the Stars)
Guild Hall
Wednesday, October 20
7PM - 8PM

Hamptons Observatory and Guild Hall are pleased to bring you this free, virtual presentation by Egyptologist, Dr. Colleen Darnell, who will discuss how astronomy influenced the belief system, art and life in ancient Egypt. From the earliest religious compositions in ancient Egypt, the Pyramid Texts, stars were an important part of their funerary beliefs. Not only did the king desire to join the sun god in his daily rising and setting, but he wanted to become one of the "imperishable ones," the circumpolar stars. Astronomical observation was an important part of time keeping as well, with the heliacal rising of the star Sirius marking the beginning of the New Year. Drawings of constellations also form a part of the ceiling decoration of royal tombs of the New Kingdom.

Dr. Colleen Darnell is an Egyptologist who has published widely on pharaonic history, religion, and literature. Her most recent book, The Ancient Egyptian Netherworld Books (co-authored with her husband, John Darnell), was the first complete English translation of the hieroglyphic texts within the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings. In Imagining the Past: Historical Fiction in New Kingdom Egypt, Dr. Darnell identified four stories that belonged to a genre of historical fiction written by the ancient Egyptians themselves. In 2013, she curated an exhibit at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, Echoes of Egypt: Conjuring the Land of the Pharaohs, that examined Egyptian motifs from antiquity to the present.

Registration is required for this free virtual event. Click HERE.
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