August Events
Kids Performance

KIDS: Goat on a Boat

Fox Fables
Wonderspark Puppets

The story is about a fox who loses his precious tail and with it his identity. He tries to be several other animals instead - with hilarious results - before realizing the moral lesson of this ancient fable.

WonderSpark Puppets is a New York City based puppet theater company led by Chad Williams and Z Briggs. The company's mission is to spread joy, spark imagination and share laughter through high quality puppet performances. They have partnered with brands like Bed Bath & Beyond, CAMP, NYC Public Schools and the New York Public Library. They have toured internationally, bringing original productions and puppetry workshops to festivals in Thailand and Taiwan. Since mid-March 2020 they have been streaming live puppet shows for families in quarantine and streaming schools.

KIDS @ SAC Title Sponsor: Investors Bank. Additional support for KIDS @ SAC is provided by Southampton Bath and Tennis Club.